Monday, October 26, 2009

Jen's Wedding- Claire, the Flower Girl

This post is a little late, but better late than never :) Jen's wedding was in September and Claire and I were lucky enough to be asked to be a part of it. Claire was a flower girl and I was a bridesmaid. It was a fun experience for her and I to be able to spend the day together being "girly." Jen was beautiful and the wedding went fantastic!!! Here are some pictures of Claire from the wedding weekend...

Claire is a Soccer Star!!

Claire is playing soccer with our community sports league! She is loving it and she knows a lot of the kids from church and from her school which makes it even more fun! They do drills to practice soccer skills and end each Saturday with a scrimmage, which is the best part :). The first week Claire scored two goals for her team...future soccer star?? You decide!! She will begin indoor soccer in a couple weeks which will be a brand new adventure for us. I'll keep you updated :)

All Aboard...

A few weekends ago we went with Grammy, Papa, along with Aunt Kristin, Uncle Dave, Jackson, and Kinsey to A Day Out With Thomas. It was so fun!!! Blake couldn't stop saying "I ride on Thomas" and "All Aboard!!" Claire favorite part was the caramel apple that Papa brought for her :) Enjoy the pictures!!

Fantastic Fall....

I'm obviously way behind on my blogging...I'm so sorry!! Today Blake is sick, which is a huge bummer, but it is allowing me to get semi-caught up on laundry and blogging...yeah!!

This year we went as a family to Eckert's Fun Farm. It's always such a good time and this year both kids were able to enjoy it. Our friends Dawn & Savannah went as well, which was a lot of fun for Claire :). Enjoy the pictures!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fun family vacation in Colorado....

Hello Out There!!!

We have been gone to Colorado for about a week and we have been having a lot of fun!! We spent a day at Sprague Lake and all of us hiked the 1 mile trail (even Bubba). The kid's favorite parts of the trail were the baby ducks at the edge of the lake and the chipmunk. Blake called the chipmunk a "me-munk" and he's been talking about it ever since. Claire enjoyed climbing all the rocks, so the trail took twice as long, but it was FUN!!

We also spent some time on Trail Ridge Road. It's the road that takes you up to the high mountains where there's snow still-- even all summer long!! The elevation there is 12,000 ft. above sea level and the road has up to 35 ft. drifts in the winter and the winds are up to 150 mph!! The road opens for a few months a year, so we were here are just the right time (the road opened at the end of May). Claire was so tired and she fell asleep for our picnic. When she woke up we played in the snow...she didn't look too happy about it. Ha!!

Blake's favorite part of the vacation has been the wildlife and the scenery. He has noticed all the animals, quickly even before us most of the time!! We have seen "melk" (elk), deer, duckies,"ishies" (fishies), puppies, lots of cows (any animal he doesn't know the name of), trees, and "no" (snow). Claire is quick to correct him if he's wrong--big surprise!! We've been staying at a cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies, so we have had lots of opportunities for having hands-on bones, hooves, horns, etc. which the kids have loved, along with the playground. Also a hit!! :)

I will post a few more pictures but I haven't had time yet. We have had a great time, but we are definitely looking forward to being home on Thursday!